Kenwood ts 870 problems

The TS has basically the same circuit as the TS, except it is not on a separate board. But with the TS, one must replace individual surface-mount components. The quick fix is the give the offending trimmer s a few twists, then realign to factory specifications. But the best fix is to replace the offending trimmer s.

TC1 in VCO2 affects all bands. TC affects 30KHz to 7. TC affects 7. TC affects A strong signal from a nearby transmitter can cause a fuse-lamp to open, causing a drastic loss of receiver sensitivity.

Usually, the glass casing of the affected fuse-lamp is darkened. Kenwood does not list the specifications of these lamps. Although my tests indicate they are rated at 5V mA. But I recommend replacing with original factory parts when available. The part number is B Interesting observation: When I had a TS with a mil serial number in the shop, I noticed some production changes. This was done on two boards. See the pictures below. They used short ribbon cables, soldered to the bottom of the board, where the original surface-mount chip would be.

Note: I no longer service Kenwood gear. Mike Nadeau — N1EQ www.When you subscribe, you receive only messages for the product you have subscribed to.

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We'll send a copy of the review along with your introduction. Send To:. To build the largest and most complete Amateur Radio community site on the Internet. This project involves a management team of volunteers who each take a topic of interest and manage it with passion.

The site will be something that everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part of. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months. After using this radio for the last 3 months, my reviews I thought were complete. However, in the usage of the radio in various modes and under different circumstances, I need to modify my review to accurately describe the quality and performance of this radio for the following reasons.

Previously I was under the impression my antenna had such a high swr the built in antenna tuner would not tune it. Use of digital modes is now more accurately tested. So first on receive capability. This assessment has changed to extraordinary due to the ability of the AIP function and the antenna tuner acting in receive mode. Station's signals that don't even light up the first s meter bar are workable. Howevertweaking of the noise blanker is needed to avoid any distortion of the audio on received signals.

I have some nasty noise that cycles every so often at the QTH and the noise blanker can knock it out but at the expense of slightly distorted audio on the recieved signal if it isn't adjusted properly.

Use of a filtered speaker such as the Kenwood SP31 with dual high filters can come in handy to even further enhance the recovered audio. Suriname and Belize were recently heard and the signal was not much on the meter but the audio was clearly readable without any problem at all.

On transmit,the rig is nothing short of superb. The signal reports have been nothing but exceptional with the transmit EQ in use. The microphone choice will be helpful too. My usual microphone now is the Behringer XM dynamic cardoid studio mic. The settings were found by doing a search on Google for TS audio settings and they were published by Heil Sound in regards to their microphones. The end result is stations hearing my call a lot sooner with the added punch of the processor and the DSP EQ.

It stands out in the crowd according to one nearby ham that has heard me on the air. It may take a few calls in a pileup but inevitably I do get answered. Signal reports varied from 49 to 56 but I was heard on that band which is difficult to achieve using only watts.

kenwood ts 870 problems

Another example is on 40 meters with 9K2GS having a nice little pileup that I was able to get through to make the contact which was surprising considering how many operators were trying to call him. That made my day especially since not long after that I was able to work ZS6CCY on the same band with good results as well.

It has proved it's worth on working DX as well as local and stateside contacts. The antenna tuner is actually quite good. I did have some issues before but I think it boiled down to a intermittent issue with a jumper cable.Hello, question, i put modulation from computer headphones out to mic plug front. I have voice cq in Log4om, cat connection OK, modulation is not good, wire created noise, separation not delete this, any idea solution?

I have a problem with thewhen i use the build in antenne tuner i don't get any power out, when i dont use the antennetuner the power is ok.

Hello, I just bought an sat in excellent condition. A question? What are your original microphone settings? Hello everyone, I would like to know if any one has experienced a problem with his TS s mine i had like a month or two that I was not using itnever tried to turn the power on.

It was until yesterday that I Turned my radio onand I heard just dit dots and my frequency display had nothing but dots and on the right side it displaced ERR FE. My question is if the radio is very difficult to fix?

Kenwood ts 870, icom ic 7300, kenwood ts50

How much on repairs that you all might know? Thank you all very much for your advice and help 73s. Just spreading the word.

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If not then I won't. Cure for noisey TS Tuner has been posted by myself see it the comments below. Hope it helps. Cheers all. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help.

kenwood ts 870 problems

Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up. Kenwood TS Public group. Join group settings More. Dirk Mahnert 5 April at I look for programming and controlling software for a general rebuild TSS rig. Van Acker Tony 8 April at Martin Stotko 8 April at Ken Durand uploaded a file. Tuner Noise repair from Mods DK.As it is a rig I repair frequently, I will add more information as soon as I work on them.

Hope it helps! Also, be sure that, if you add any wire, it is soldered correctly.

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Don't trust just the pictures, as there are some very close vias and traces which are not connected. This problem manifests itself as complete PLL unlock or sometimes just as some instability. To find out tune a CW carrier and check if it is crystal clear Anyway, even if you don't find anything wrong, I would check caps, as ALL the units I have checked had this problem.

You can see how bad it could be in the following pictures. Original caps are rated 16V. I replace them by 35V units. Cleaned board Fixed board! It is a transistor which adds some attenuation 20dB on transmission to the receiver so it is not overloaded. But if it fails and gets intermittent, it causes all kind of static-like noises.

It is just a 'digital' transistor with internal biasing resistorstype DTCEKand it is very cheap.

EB5AGV's Workbench: Kenwood TS-850S repair

Here you have some pictures to help on the physical location: More to come soonI have been playing around with the service menu on this rig for a while. The information on this menu is scarce and people are usually afraid to tweak this menu. What you are about to read is pratical information on the TSS service menu that may help you to take better advantage of this rig. Before start reading this information please note the following:. The TSS service menu has 28 items.

Each of this items has a function and each function will allow you to control different parts of your rig. Each menu has a hexadecimal identification from A0 to BB. You can realease the [N. You should enter the service menu. If you are unable to enter the service menu of your rig read the instructions above again and do each step slowly.

Kenwood TS-870 weak receive. 01 Serial #

This way, if you mess up something, you can allways go back by using the original value. To do this, grab a piece of paper and once inside the service menu use the [M. CH] button to go through the menus one by one. Start with A0 and make a note of what you see. Turn [M. CH] clockwise and you will go to A1. Make a not of A1. Repeat this procedure for all the items until you reach item BA. Item BB is impossible to copy you will see why when you are there.

A0 — System. On my TSS, it reads:. This menu can not be changed using any key on the front panel of your TSS and it will not affect the performance of your equipment.

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To my Knowledge this is the lastest firmware version available to the S. Any comments? A1 — ALC.

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This is a sensitive item and it will adjust the reference voltage the microphone ALC. When measuring TP2 on the RF board the correct value will be 2. In my case, measuring TP2 for 2.

Your rig may lead you to other value. By the way, to measure TP2 you will have to remove the bottom cover of you rig. I advise you not to. So the original reading on my S was:. But, I am not using Now, we want to keep the FF value. By pressing the [UP] key you will get this:. So you transfered the value you want FF and placed it over If you want to save this value for good, you will have to go into menu BA use the [M.

My advice is: change one item at a time and try out that item in particular. If not happy, go back to the original value. In my case FF led me to a louder audio an to less shack noise into the microphone.QRZ Forums. Kenwood TS weak receive. I purchased a Kenwood TS in said excellent working condition. The radio transmits watts on all bands, but the problem is with the receiver.

I have checked the receive protection bulbs and they appear to be fine. Any pointers are welcomed before I send it off for repair. W4BSSMay 28, First, I would verify that the controls are set correctly. Make sure you are not missing something obvious like RF Gain turned all the way down etc.

One of the first items to check would be the Antenna Relay. Dan KI4AX. WQ4GMay 29, Check the protection bulbs with an ohm-meter. If both bulbs are good the problem is on the RF unit. Good luck. W4BSSMay 30, Last edited: May 30, Methinks you are looking at the surge suppressors on the final unit and not the protection bulbs on the RF unit. The surge suppressors will show infinite resistance. Most common way to check is eyeballs, they should be clear and not black or silver.

kenwood ts 870 problems

On the back edge of the RF unit are 2 small light bulbs used for rx protection. One for the ant jacks and the other for the Ext Rx ant jack. They should show zero resistance. KA9JLM likes this. Is this the light bulbs Clif??This forum message list include all message for that is related to TS, this include message that also is related to articles. If the message is relate to an article, the article can be selected next to each message.

Click here to write a new message or comment for TS Note that the message is not related to any article. Click here to see the article list for TS Do you have any tricks, modifications or constructions for homebrewed equipment that are not on mods.

If you prefer to be anonymous write it in the message. Note that page can take a while to load, if there are many modifications. Search help. Main Menu. Radio Shack. Articles for Kenwood 'TS'. Kenwood Tss antenna tuner noise. Kenwood TS - stuck on frequency scan. Display reads error below 7. No transmit power on Kenwood TS Serial number and year for TSS.

TSS 4. Improve full break-in operationfor TS TS : W on m.

Kenwood TS-870 Tech Notes

TS CW-monitor audio mod. TS Noise Blanker mod. Use TS as a contest rig. TS external receive antenna switching. Making super radio out of TS TSS Receiver circuit changes. Frequency expansion for the TSS. View article. I use it only fo. Kenwood Menu.

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